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Dec 22 ,2016 Writen By: Styyo Fashion

Explore which type of earrings you should titivate as per your lifestyle

It is very perplexing for the selection of earrings as per outfits and especially occasion wise. This is always a hectic job to choose the perfect ornaments which suits perfectly, you try it many times to look better with different type of earrings. But it’s quite difficult to take decision by you only. Your eyes will start seeking someone who will say something for your ornaments to make you satisfied that you are looking perfect by tiring this stuff and this phenomenon is normal for every girl and women.

To overcome these hectic problems, here I am going to share some types of Earrings for girls and women as per their lifestyle and occasion wise. I hope it will help you to take decision efficiently and will utilize your time too.

First I would like to share the popular type of earrings which are in fashion trend and every girl and women prefers these types of earrings. You can easily get these earrings online for girls and women.





Jhumkis are Indian traditional wearing ornament, which are in trend from the decades. The Indian women prefers mostly the Jhumkis with Sarees. The main reason to adorn this type of jewellery is look and feel of it. In India the women prefers to follow traditions and in traditions for a Hindu married women, the Solah shrangar(16 adornments) is the key to complete her beautification including outfits, makeup, jewelley and other things. But now as time passes these Jhumkis made a place in the Fashion trend and showed its popularity globally. In the mean time these Jhumkis are very popular in youngsters specially the college girls. The girls prefer Jhumkis with Indian salwar suit, T shirts with long skirt, if attending any wedding function then the girls prefer it with lahenga. These Jhumkis are not only popular in india but also very popular in International market. The foreign girls and women also prefer these Indian Jhumkis with their outfits. So it is easy to make a decision for wearing the Jhumkis as per your choice whether you wear Indian outfit or western you can add it in your style pack.





Danglers or dangler earrings are long in size, these are luxuriantly twisted earrings that adored beyond the earlobe and are usually worn for special functions or parties. These are painstaking highly enthralling because of the metaphorical styles and designs that are used. Indian sagging earrings have a unique demand since they integrate rich designs which are extremely gorgeous. You can see many actresses who worn these dangler earrings on red carpets and spreading their glamour around the world, on these occasion these beautiful danglers are recurrently paired up with convoluted evening long gowns with lavish designs. For parties and very special occasions you can prefer long dangler earrings, this is the fact that these earrings fits on every costume or outfits easily and makes it more glamorous. These earrings are the key to enhance the beauty of outfits. You can adorn it with long Gowns and one piece outfits. You will feel extra ordinary after wearing these earrings.





These types of earrings are known as very small Jewellery accessory which brings an original beauty on a face. If you are a working girl or women, a college girl or school girl then you should prefer studs earrings for girls section. These earrings are small in size and gives a very decent look, you can adorn it at any place or casually. These types of earrings are very popular in the young age especially in school girls and working girls. They usually prefer these types of earrings in their selection. You can use these of earrings with any outfit whether you are in a formal dress, casual outfits such as jeans and shirts, or can try with any outfits. If you are looking for designer earrings which gives a simple style, sophistication and luxurious look except the too fashionable, these earrings are eye catching and the first choice for regular earrings.





If you don’t want piercing and want to use earrings then earcuff earrings is the best option for you. They are comfortable, safe and anti allergic accessories. These are considered as the latest designs in earrings section and very popular in occasions. Any women or girls can adorn these pieces of earrings without piercing. You can get these earrings in different varieties and patterns. The short hair women looks gorgeous with these earcuffs earrings. So if we discuss for the outfits then you can prefer any outfit for earcuffs specially long Indian Suit, Kurti.





Hoop earrings have long been a jewellery box stronghold, but with the addition of bold trends like ear crawlers, cuffs, and that kind, we've seen several street style trendsetters are reverting back to this model look. The size of these earrings is longer than other earrings styles and gives a tremendous look to wearer. You can adorn it with any outfits specially long outfits. You can also prefer it with western outfits. It will give you a glamorous look and feel.





A jewellery fashion that goes with anything from a saree to a lehenga or an anarkali to an cultural gown, it’s hard to oppose the ensnare of these crescent-shaped earrings that have been bedazzling women since the Mughal era. While the sands of time did make this lovely jewellery trend a bit misty, it made a comeback with Bollywood blockbuster, Ram Leela, and has been a rage ever since. These type of earrings are very popular in Indian market. This type of earrings belongs to traditional accessories. Chandbalis are basically originated from Indian style earrings and very popular in North India. You can notice this type of earrings In Hyderabad and lucknow casually.


You should also know the Locations of piercing for latest trend jewelleries. Here is the list with visualization:




1) Helix/Cartilage,

2) Industrial,

3) Rook,

4) Daith,

5) Tragus,

6) Snug,

7) Conch,

8) Anti-Tragus,

9) Lobe

Most of earrings are adored beyond the earlobe.

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