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Sep 25 ,2015 Writen By: Styyo Fashion

Designing a product from a segment Earrings for Women is a challenge

Whenever we are launching our products, It always creates a new consciousness for us. Consciousness for its selection as a customer, Selection as per the best choice and selection as per the latest design.

Do you know what is the ordinary in all of these? It’s the designing of a product which is the main part of all the sales. It’s quite simple to show our designs in our portal, but in other side, it’s a big challenge to make a design for that particular product. If we say for our best designed Earrings for Women then it’s quite interesting to share with you the entire story for this.

One day me and my friend Sarah was working on the prototype of Antique stylish Earrings and were trying to sketch the design of this product.  It was very confusing that how to create that kind of stuff which is quite differ from those Earrings or Jhumkas which are selling Online. 



We examined all the stuff that if we will try to sketch something unique which shows its creativity in Jhumki as well as in Earrings then may be girls and women love it too.

So, we just take our pencils and paper and started the designing of Earrings for Women. First, we focused on Earrings with a combination of Jhumki which is very popular in India. Now it’s the time that how can be implemented this traditional thing in our design, we sketched tiny Jhumki first, it was looking good in view, but it was incomplete, so we again tried to add something in that, now we added a ring around those. But, we were still looking for different then suddenly Sarah advised why are we not using something hanging on that at the bottom of tiny Jhumki it will look enormous.

I said no Sarah, it will not look fine. But she showed me with her sketched layout. It’s good Sarah I added. But I was not much satisfied with the design. She said no worry we will try something else, I stopped her and said let’s sketch it again with some other idea.  But I think we should give it final touch what you say? She agreed with a little smile on her face.



So after that we give it the final touch with an addition of some grapes design, It’s funny to read that really we implemented the grapes in our design. But yeah, it’s right. We used it in our designs in a different way, We added pearls in the chain, which has given it an absolutely new look. After completion it was looking tremendous. One week later, we have introduced this design in our collection. So it was that. It is that product which is very popular and we got lots of exploration against it in our store. 

We can’t say what is good and what is only one of its kind. It’s completely depends on your creativity and broad thinking. Sometimes impractical creations can be proving you more imaginative.

In our segment Earrings for Women, you can easily find out our creativity in all designs. Whether it’s fine-looking Chandbali with golden, White Pearl work or our very popular Class Style Earrings. In all designs you will get resourcefulness. You can easily differentiate what we are presenting and what others. No matter how much time we are taking to make a design, it’s just a Back-end part, but you will always get a new and antique Earrings from our Jewellery store in Front-end.

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